Mother's Day

Adopt an animal for Mother's Day!

When you adopt an animal at the $100 level or above, you'll receive an adorable plush and a FREE octopus canvas tote bag!*

Sea Otter

Adopt a Sea Otter →

Did you know it costs over $2,000 to feed one of our otters for a month? Keep these fuzzy otters happy and healthy by adopting today.


Adopt a Penguin →

Our penguins need annual exams to make sure they’re in prime waddling shape. Support a penguin today to help provide them with the best medical care available.


Adopt a Seadragon →

Seadragons are listed as near threatened in the wild. Support these animals today and we can continue advancing our breeding efforts for this species.


Adopt a Shark →

With your help the Aquarium is able to participate in important shark breeding efforts to help dwindling shark populations in the wild.

Sea Turtle

Adopt a Sea Turlte →

Did you know the Aquarium provides veterinary care for injured wild sea turtles? Help us continue our animal rehabilitation work.

Sea Lion

Adopt a Sea Lion →

It costs over $1,500 a month to feed our sea lions. Their favorite fish treats are capelin, herring, and squid. Treat your favorite sea lion to lunch today!

Limited Time Offer:

Octopus canvas tote

When you adopt at the $100 level or above, you'll receive a FREE octopus tote bag!*

*While supplies last. Only octopus pattern tote bag available. Promotion ends Tuesday, May 2, 2017.